Welcome to Stone Creed Grove, a congregation of Druids located in the Cleveland, Ohio metro area. As a chartered grove of Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship, an international organization for public Neopagan Druidry, we hold public High Day rites regularly throughout the year based on the seasonal cycle of equinoxes and solstices, honoring the religious rituals of our Indo-European ancestors. Our public rites are open to all regardless of background or current religious belief.

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Next Blessing Rite: Jun 3, 08:30 PM at Spirit Apothecary
Next High Day: Midsummer Jun 19, at Tredara Retreat Center - gather at 2 PM, ritual starts at approx 4:30 PM

Remembering A.J. Gooch

We regret to announce that A.J. Gooch, a long-time leader of Stone Creed Grove, died suddenly at the age of 48 while arriving at the Winterstar Ball on Sunday, Feb 28. AJ, among his many other activities and roles within the community, served many years as the Senior Druid of Stone Creed Grove, and was serving as the Assistant Senior Druid at the time of his death.

Stone Creed Grove held a memorial fire and feast for A.J. at the Tredara Hearth Farm and Shrine on March 5, that was very well attended. Thank you to all those who helped make that gathering possible with your time and your efforts and your food and drink. The Gooch family continues to have the support of their grove community in this time of grief. If you wish to offer assistance, please reach out to SCG officers: Dave Kleinschmidt, Keith Madden, and Rev. Sue Parker-Wyndham. Donations can still be made to the A.J. Gooch Memorial Fund to assist in the work to improve Tredara that A.J. was doing at the time of his death.

We know that AJ touched many lives in the many groups he was involved in. He will be remembered with honor as he joins the Mighty Dead in the summerlands.

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