The Wellspring Gathering 2015

Thurs, May 21 - Monday, May 25
Brushwood Folklore Center

A.D.F. Annual Meeting and Conclave of Druids.

Eighth Annual

Wellspring Bardic Chair

First Bardic Chair: Diane 'Emerald' Bronowicz
Second Bardic Chair: Melissa 'Missy' Burchfield
Third Bardic Chair: Maria Stoy
Fourth Bardic Chair: Ian Corrigan
Fifth Bardic Chair: Julie Desrosiers
Sixth Bardic Chair: David 'Thexalon' Kleinschmidt
Seventh Bardic Chair: Jan Avende

This Chair of the Bardic Arts was founded by the largesse of Stone Creed Grove ADF, for the good of the Bardic Arts in ADF. The Grove declares that music, poetry and story are in many ways the heart of the Druidic Spirit, the core of the Old Ways, and wishes to establish a seat of distinction for those with talent and skill. Therefore we offer the trophy and the acclaim of a title that shall ever be a source of honor. Those who compete for the Wellspring Chair should be prepared to offer their skills in service to Our Druidry for the time they hold the title, as best they may.

Those who wish to compete for the Wellspring Bardic Chair, and the title of Wellspring Bard, must be prepared to compete in song, in poetic recitation, and in storytelling. One performance in each shall be required to qualify for the chair. The victory in the competition shall be determined by the decision of a panel of judges. In order to provide an open forum for our bards, it is decreed that the Wellspring Bard shall serve, each year, as a non-competing judge on the panel of judges. No Bard of the Chair shall succeed him or her self as Bard, but all are free to stand again, the following year.

The competitors will offer three performances — one each in song, story and poetry. These will be presented in three workshop slots, one each for the three categories. The judges shall rule according to their judgment, but will judge with the following in mind:

  • That an effective piece of modest length is better than one too long. (please try to average five minutes per item)
  • That an original piece might carry more weight than a cover piece.
  • That a performance from memory might carry more weight than one from paper.

The Grove may decide to allow competitors in single categories. This will be determined by the number of Chair contestants and the organizing needs of the event. Watch for further announcements on that. Of course a community stage will be open at various times through the weekend.

Again this year we can accept no more than 18 contestants. Applications shall be accepted by Stone Creed Grove - first come, first listed - until the slots are filled or until the first contestant performs. Applicants should send their legal name, use-name and contact info to Please describe your performance intent and any needs. We intend to provide a PA for the workshop performances, with sufficient lines for an instrument. Instruments are permitted for any of the performances. The total set length of the three performances together should not exceed 15 minutes. At the on-site registration for the competition the contestants should present 3 copies of their lyrics or a written form (actual text or outline) of their presentation, when possible.

With this announcement the rolls are open for applications. May skill and inspiration be with us all.