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Lughnassadh 2007 Poems

In 2007, we had thirteen contestants in the Poetry portion of our Lughnassadh games. The contest calls for nine lines in nine minutes on the topic given at the beginning of the nine minutes. This year's topic was Sidhe/Nature spirits at this time of year (Lughnassadh). Many of the poems were excellent; none was bad. It was difficult for the judges! Those that were turned in are posted here for your enjoyment.

First Prize

by Ash

Within the forest do they tread
Fond of heart and fond of head
Knowledgeable Sidhe
With inspiration & thought
Watching over us as we have fought
Hard knocks blown
& tough fights won
Kicking the crap out of each other
Has sure been fun


Second Prize

by Sue

Lush and green and growing
Full of fruit and life
Now is not the time for sowing
Peace and healing, no strife
Bellies full and happy
Furry friends draw near
I know this is kind of sappy
But I'm glad you're here
The land greets you this High Day


Third Prize

by Raven Oir

I call to the Nature Spirits
To bring us braun and wits
During the game of Lughnassadh and
There came woman there came man
To battle with the sticks in the sand
Under the moon and stars
Some came short, some came far
To take home the champion spear
To brag & boast for at least a year


by Boris

Dogs & cats they learn & leap
Lizards eat leaves & crickets by the heap
Snakes eat mice to the last peep
Lord & Lady blessed this song
The song of the cycle
Fills my heart with joy
The creatures live among me
Thje trees are home to my muse
The sun the fire to light the fuse
Never ending til times ceasing


"Lazy Days" by Julie

From the bright skies
Sunlight filters down
Through dark full trees
Winds gently toss the leaves
As they move to and fro
The spirits join the dance
With joy, at last
Enjoying the ebb and flow
Of the forest of life


by Klaus

As the crickets sing and the frogs did hop
As the spiders spin and the dog did bark
As the dew did fall from tree to grass
And the wind did rustle and whistle and swirl
Thus did nature make known its presence at Tredara this Lughnassadh
So come ye now oh spirits of old
Of feather, of fir, of flesh, of scale, of shell, of stone,
Make this the time for us to forge our bonds of kinship anew
and May we live as allies always, as family one and all


by Miranda

It's when the wet in the
Air is thick enough
To swim through
And when the street
Burns you soles to a crisp
The time of
Rain. Pouring. Down.
And mischief making
Heat. Rise. Up.


"Lugh's Lady (or Lady's Lugh!)" by Patti OLuanaigh

This poem has been reformatted to be more than the original 9 lines

The leaves were turning swiftly now
abetted by the wind
the trees stood wait upon the path
where Lugh would enter in

The fields cleared and grain a' sheared
and gathered in a row
where Tailtu rests beneath the soil
awaiting on the snow

His reach was long and well revered
one season to its end
the Sidhe assist in every way
an element can wend

Then Lugh assails his mighty throne
and hallows with his hand
with Sovereignty as queen and guide
now sacred rests the land

Now sacred
now sacred
now sacred rests the land


by Sean

In days of old
When the world was bold
And toilets weren't invented
You left your load
Upon the road
Then walked aways contented
Sighing and laughing
Wiping and scratching
On all the leaves you passed

(said Sean, 'Oh, I thought you said Loo-nassa! [groan from the crowd!])


by Steph S.

(note: this beautiful 16-line poem was edited & finished after the contest)

With hair so fair the corn grows tall
The grasses turn a burnished gold
In shades of trees the rabbits graze
Perparing for the coming cold
While in hot suns, the wolf packs laze
The heat makes nothing quick nor bold
In forests, cool rainwater drips
And frogs call out in starry night
On Lughnassadh, the day is long
but winter is not far away
The mourning dove calls out his song
reminding all to work not play
Squirrels store nuts, fledglings fledged
The young come forth to join the dance
The earth gives forth its bounty now
Delivered on the sun child's lance.