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Imbolg at Stone Creed Grove

Ritual Script

Imbolg is a time of the year where the sun is starting to return to the world, and the coldest days are behind us. In this time, current scholarship suggests that the ancient Celts offered to the gods of their hearth to keep away hunger and illness until life could once again return to the land.

For Stone Creed Grove, this is especially a time to honor Brighid, the Celtic goddess who personifies fiery inspiration and the year's midwife who gives rebirth to the sun.

Brighid appearing as the Brideog (pronounced "bree-og"),
a corn image of the goddess that carries healing powers.

Stepping through the Girdle of Brighid.

The flame of Brighid, from a match from her shrine at Kildare

As always, performances are welcome during rituals.
  • Lore regarding Imbolg
  • Ritual Script, an example of exactly what would happen during the rite
  • Photos of past Imbolg rites