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Midsummer at Stone Creed Grove

Ritual Script

At Midsummer, we now have the world in full bloom. The early harvests of the year are starting to come back into the larder, the animals are busy fattening up as quickly as possible, the streams are flowing smoothly, the fields are growing, and all seems light and warm.

As with other solstices, we celebrate this rite in the Norse culture, with particular attention to the Aesir deities Sif and Thor.

Tredara back in bloom and ready for ritual.

With horn of drink we hail the many Alfar, Desir, Landvaettir, Aesir, and Vanir.

The ship holds many offerings from the early harvest, such
as flowers and early herbs.

Enjoy the fellowship of the folk in the Grove's permanent home.
  • Ritual Script, an example of exactly what would happen during the rite
  • Photos of past Midsummer rites