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Wellspring 2021 Schedule

All times are Eastern (UTC-4).

Thursday, May 27

7:00 PM Opening ritual

Live from the Tredara's nemeton, this ritual welcomes the kindreds and the folk to Wellspring.

post-ritual Social and Discussion Room opens

Friday, May 28

10:00 AM Social and Discussion Room opens
11:00 AM Roundtable: Deepening the Liturgy
1:00 PM Rev. Kirk Thomas: A Fresh Look at the Outdwellers

This entry in the Order of Ritual is not a required one, but it is one that many groves and individuals honor in their full rites. At one time this module was quite controversial, and the modern interpretations of just who the Outdwellers are supposed to be can be quite varied, from simplistic to complicated. Thanks to my efforts in prison ministry, my own understandings of who and what the Outdwellers are has evolved considerably, and this workshop is an attempt to understand the ramifications, whether intentional or not, of our practices in this area.

3:00 PM Rev. Victoria Selnes: Urban Druidry

Even in the towers and roads of the cities, the presence of the spirits and the harmony of the seasons is available to those who look. Victoria discusses how to bring a Pagan awareness to city living, and find beauty in the beast.

5:00 PM John Beckett: Who Are You and Why Should I Pour Good Whiskey on the Ground For You

How to go about introducing yourself to gods and building relationships with them.

7:00 PM Beej Rogers: An Urban Nemeton

Beej Rogers walks us through a virtual tour of his backyard Nemeton in Las Vegas.

8:30 PM Blessing Rite
This ritual has been performed for decades by Stone Creed Grove, and provides an opportunity to both give honor to personal spiritual powers, and work specific magic for your own good or the good of other folk. We encourage attendees to assemble their own hallows and work the ritual with us.

Saturday, May 29

10:00 AM Social and Discussion room opens
11:00 AM Rev. Ian Corrigan: The Excellent God - Dagda Mor in Irish and Modern Paganism

A survey of lore and practical approaches to the Triple God of the Tuatha De with, perhaps, a special look at the Dagda as the Druid of the Gods.

1:00 PM Rev. Jan Avende: Pagan Kids

Drawing on their skills and experience as a parent and educator, Jan discusses making Pagan spirituality accessible to kids, and ways of integrating children into a pagan community. They’ll also share excerpts of their soon to be released book of children’s religious education programming. This workshop will be geared towards parents and leaders looking to teach and involve children in our religious practices.

3:00 PM Diana Paxson: Runes for Healing

Practical application and considerations of lore in using the Futhark runes for healing magic.

5:00 PM ADF Annual Meeting

Join us for highlighting of worldwide work ADF is doing throughout the year. This meeting often includes reports from the various leaders, discussion of future plans, and awards for past work.

7:00 PM Performance Night

Including performances of original works and well-known favorites by:

  • Awen (Ian Corrigan and Sue Parker-Wyndham)
  • Luke Landry
  • Root and Branch (Sinann and Gaarick)
  • Mike Bierschenk (former Wellspring Bardic Chair)
  • Thexalon (ADF Bard Laureate)
  • Jan Avende (former Wellspring Bardic Chair)
  • Gwernin Grove (former Wellspring Bardic Chair)
  • Rowen Grove (former Wellspring Bardic Chair)

Sunday, May 30

10:00 AM Social and Discussion Room opens
11:00 AM Rev. Michael Dangler: Opening the Door: Building Content for Others

We're not the sort of religion that proselytizes, but Druidry is, and always will be, an explicit public and inclusive Paganism. Because of that, we have to consider how we can find ways to express our work and devotion in clear, concise, and technically excellent ways. We'll talk about various content pieces, from video and audio to pictorial, how to create a culture of trust that shares the workload, and how to encourage others in the process.

1:00 PM Rev. Gwernin Grove: The Old Gods of Britain

Drawing on The remnants of Welsh literature, archaeology and folklore, Gwernin brings the ancient gods of Britain into focus, and discusses their place in a modern Paganism.

3:00 PM Chris Godwin: The Dawn Goddess Complex

Goddesses of the Dawn are one of the true inheritances of the Indo-European lineage, with examples occurring from India to Ireland, in many eras. Chris reviews this central mythic figure, and discusses its place in modern practice.

5:00 PM Main Rite, led by ADF Archdruid Jon Drum Pagano

Join us in the nemeton as we ordain a new priest, Gaarick Hamr, and use the ADF Unity Cauldron to call peace and Blessing on the Work of the Wise.