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Wellspring 2020 Schedule

All times are Eastern (currently GMT-4).

Thursday, Sept 3

7:00 PM

Opening ritual

Live from the Tredara nemeton, followed by opening of the ‘Common Room’ chat meeting.

post-ritual Hospitality Room opens

Friday, Sept 4

10:00 AM Hospitality Room opens
11:00 AM

Ritual Roundtable

Senior Druids, Clergy and members discuss our current practice of the ADF Liturgical order.

1:00 PM

Rev. Jon Drum Pagano: Modern Druidry

While ADF Druidry is widespread in N America, Druidry is a truly international movement. Jon has been forging links with other Druid Orders, and takes some time to talk about the greater Druid Movement, and ADF’s place in it.

3:00 PM

Special Guest Diana Paxson: Runes for Healing

Healing is among the most important magical uses of the Runes. Inscribed or intoned, runes become a magical "prescription" that can energize the body to heal. I'll demonstrate and discuss which runes to use for various ills and how to apply them.

5:00 PM

Blessing Ritual, performed by Stone Creed Grove

A Participatory rite intended for practical magic. Bring a candle or talisman, etc, to be enchanted by the combined power of the Gods, Dead, and Spirits, and the Voice of the Folk.

8:00 PM

ADF Mother Grove roundtable / discussion

Join the ADF Board of Directors for a discussion of ADF’s policy and direction.

Saturday, Sept 5

10:00 AM Hospitality room opens
11:00 AM

Gaarik Hamr: Animism and the Runes

Animism in Runic Work is a workshop for new rune workers and those looking for another perspective in runic practice. We shall discuss the practice of working with the runes primarily as spirits and how such a practice affects the use of modern rune resources.

1:00 PM

Rev. Ian Corrigan: Three Steps to Pagan Sorcery

By beginning from a polytheist, animist perspective, Pagans have a head-start in learning magic arts. Ian discusses a clear three-step entry into a focused and effective personal practice.

3:00 PM

Rev. Kirk Thomas: Our Own Land Goddesses

In our Indo-European studies and practice, we learn of the great Goddesses who live in and as the very land on which the people dwell. As modern Pagans, we seek to understand the spiritual Mother-Power and Sovereignty of the land on which we dwell today, and how this applies in our spiritual paths.

5:00 PM

Special Guest Morgan Daimler: Fairy Faith

Join us to dive into the Fairy Faith. We'll be looking at what the Fairy Faith is, the range of beliefs and practices it encompasses, and how this can inform pagan practices incorporating the Fair Folk.

7:00 PM

Performance Night

Including performances of original works and well-known favorites by:

  • Awen (Ian Corrigan and Sue Parker-Wyndham)
  • Jan Avende (former Wellspring Bardic Chair)
  • Thexalon (ADF Bard Laureate)
  • Maria Stoy (former Wellspring Bardic Chair)
  • Sinann Patricia
  • Special Guest Brian Henke
  • Mike Bierschenk (former Wellspring Bardic Chair)
  • Luke Landry
  • Gaarick Hamr
  • Gwernin Grove (former Wellspring Bardic Chair)
  • Missy Ashton (former Wellspring Bardic Chair)
  • Rowen Grove (former Wellspring Bardic Chair)

Sunday, Sept 6

10:00 AM Hospitality Room opens
1:00 PM

Rev. Caryn MacLuan: On the Trails of the Outsiders

In our rituals we honor “those who stood against the Gods”; those primal powers of strange darkness. Caryn discusses how these ancient symbols relate to the disenfranchised and fringe members of society today.

3:00 PM

Chris Godwin: Rebuilding the Cailleach as the Night Hag

Cold and mighty, grey and withered, the Cailleach has a greater place in the cosmos as the PIE Night Hag. Making her bed or washing her plaid brings the snow, as *Kolyo the coverer, she develops into Baba Yaga, Frau Holde, Perchta, The Bengali Mother of the Sun and Moon, and probably others.

5:00 PM

Rev. Gwernin Grove: The Mabinogion & the Irish Tales

The island nations of Ireland and the west of Britain share a Celtic heritage that extends to their stories. This talk discusses Gaelic/Irish influence in the medieval Mabinogion tales – figures, story motifs, etc, in Welsh lore, and how they may derive from earlier Pagan sources.

7:00 PM

ADF Unity Rite, led by ADF Archdruid Jon Drum Pagano

Join us in the nemeton as we use the ADF Unity Cauldron to call peace and Blessing on the Work of the Wise.